Professional Home Organizer to Help You Transform Your Space

Eliminate Clutter • Re-imagine Your Space • Enjoy Your Home


Take Control. Find Peace. Be Proud.

Everybody wants to have a clutter-free home, but finding the right organization system can feel overwhelming. Your home should reflect the best parts of you, not be a point of stress. At B. Organized, we work side-by-side with clients to create and implement a personalized organization plan that works for you, so you can take control, find peace and be proud of every room and space in your home.

Organization for Every Space, Large or Small

From bedrooms to your basement, garage, kitchen, home office, attic or any space in between, we can help. Stop the hurt and get a personalized organization system that fits your home and your lifestyle.



We offer a variety of ways to help you rein in the clutter and bring a piece of mind to a well organized space.


Learn about B. Organized

Meet Brittini, the woman behind B. Organized, and learn more about her and how she found her way into professional organizing.