After a 30 minute free phone consultation, we will make a decision together on where to start. 

Taking your unique situation and goals into consideration we will tackle the areas that are most painful and go from there.

Schedule a Consultation

B.Organized has and continues to diligently comply with all COVID-19 guidelines, fully outlined here

A mask is worn at all times, I am tested regularly and if a client prefers, I can work alone in the home and they can view progress and make decisions remotely (via Facetime/text/call).  

This depends on the type of project, size of space, volume of items and other factors. 

I have a 4 hour minimum and accept cash, Checks, Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle are all accepted.

If you have multiple projects at once I can provide you a customized quote based on the number of hours and volume of work.  

Because of the efficiencies provided by multiple projects the hourly rate is lower!

Typical hours are Monday thru Friday 10am - 6pm.  Evening and weeknight hours are possible if your schedule demands it.

Weekend work is possible at 10% higher rates.

I serve the greater Philadelphia area which includes the following counties: Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Camden, NJ.  If you live outside that radius, a travel fee is additional.

That is up to you - if you are comfortable leaving, I am comfortable working alone.  I can FaceTime or text questions about belongings if needed! 

Yes, I’ve worked in many “extra” spaces like storage units, sheds and guest houses.  These are super fun and different for me.

During organizing I will see and have access to your sensitive, personal and confidential documents and information.  Your privacy is up of the upmost important to me and the NAPO Code of Ethics is diligently followed.


You leave your space as is and make sure you have enough trash bags. I want to see things in their natural state so I understand the flow and routine of your space.  Cleaning up prior will be counterproductive.

Any other organizing products you use throughout your house may be useful to us as we move through the space however it’s not required to purchase anything.

They are not.  Any products required to maximize your space are an additional cost. 

I do not up-charge on products however I do charge my hourly rate for sourcing products for your space. 

This happens fairly often and we will pivot and reevaluate the time and modify the plan accordingly.  

There are a number of ways to organize a space.  I believe that if we are working together we will move faster through a space, but life isn’t perfect!  There are distractions, kids, pets and other priorities.  I can work with you or without you.

If working solo, we will establish ground rules and put a plan in place.  If we work alongside one another, you will learn new skills and reinforce existing ones!

Just because you’re looking to get your space in order, doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your stuff! We’re here to make “the purge” less stressful, and more intentional.  I will ask you questions like “do you love it?”, “do you use it?”, “do you need it?” so your space is intentional and purposeful at the end of the session. I will not throw away anything without your permission

Any item which is not clearly trash will be donated! Donations will be taken off of your hands at the end of every session.  I work with charities across the Philadelphia area to re-home items to those communities in need.

I will handle all disposal / donation and send you the appropriate tax documents!

Here is a list of donation partners.