Clutter Control

Everything from basements, garages, kitchens, bedrooms, attics, closets and more, Brittini can help you with any space.  With a knack for spatial awareness and interior design, she has helped clients hang art, assemble furniture, select paint and even build a 500-bottle wine rack.


Move Management

Everyone dreads moving day.  But there is a lot that can be done before that day arrives.  Downsizing and purging is critical.  It will speed up the packing process and allow you to set up quickly in your new home.  Brittini can help you manage all of those little details to ensure a smooth transition. 



Big changes ahead?  When life gets tough (it inevitably will), the last thing you want is to come home to a space that does not work for you.  Whether that is marriage, divorce, death, or a new baby, your home should reflect the best parts of you and not be a point of stress.  Brittini will work with you to ensure your home or home office becomes a sanctuary in those times of change.



We all have too much stuff, right?  Some of it requires purging and donating but other items can earn you some extra cash.  Brittini has sold dozens of items online, searching for the best websites, retail locations and buyers to get the most for you!   She’ll manage the sale start to finish, including the communication, pricing and posting so the trouble comes off your plate and into your wallet instead!


Brittini knows a thing or two about apartment living having lived in various apartments around Philadelphia.  Maximizing your space and finding order in the smallest nooks and crannies is critical for any city dweller.  Work with Brittini to find solutions that optimize the tiniest of places!



How Can We Help?

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